About us

About Us.

Here at NG9 Motors we believe in giving a truly unique service. Our team has been built from several
varying backgrounds ranging from Zoyeb, who is our head car buyer who has been in the motor trade
for over 35 years working with some of the biggest manufacturers around world in various different
roles, to Tomaz who is our lead motor preparer who has been preparing cars for over 20 years for some
of the largest dealership franchises in the UK to our head of sales Jevin who has primarily worked in
customer service before finding his calling in the motor industry 5 years ago.

Over the years the three of us found ourselves wanting to offer a far better customer experience than
we was afforded working for some of the larger PLC’s and although the NG9 team has three very
different backgrounds we discovered that we all shared the same dream of running a used car
dealership that has the customer at heart.

So, in the spring of 2019 the concept of NG9 Motors was formed and it has been a whirlwind ride ever
since. We found our perfect location in Toton which had been running as a used car dealership for over
30 years, and we hit the ground running towards the end of 2019.

The master plan for NG9 Motors and its team is to give the kind of service that you should expect to
receive. I would say so far the plan has been a success and we all very much look forward to the future
of NG9 Motors.